ENAH, Inc.

EveryoneNeedsAHome, a 501(c)3 animal welfare organization

Lafayette County

Stray Animals found in Lafayette County

Lafayette County, WI, does not have a county animal shelter.  And, even though EveryoneNeedsAHome is a 501(c)3 animal welfare organization located in Lafayette County, we do not have a physical animal shelter at this time and cannot take stray or surrendered animals.  We’re very sorry about this but do not have the financial resources to do anything but focus on spaying and neutering right now.  This can pose significant problems for homeless animals and we hope this changes soon.   In the meantime, if you find a stray animal, please follow the instructions below:

Stray dogs.  Lafayette County has contracted with the Green County Humane Society (GCHS) located in Monroe, WI, to accept stray dogs.  Please follow the instructions below.  Please note that the GCHS will not accept dogs from Lafayette County if you do not follow these steps:

  1. Call the Lafayette County Clerk at 608-776-4851 and tell them you found a stray dog.
  2. The clerk will ask you general information about the dog and will fax that information to GCHS along with her approval that Lafayette County recognizes that this was a stray dog found in Lafayette County.  This is the only way GCHS will get compensated from Lafayette County for accepting stray dogs from Lafayette County.
  3. Call the GCHS at 608-325-9600 to arrange a time for you to bring the dog to them.  The GCHS will then accept the animal.

Stray cats.  At this time, Lafayette County does NOT have a similar contract with the Green County Humane Society (GCHS) for stray cats as they do for dogs.  This means that the GCHS will not accept stray cats found in Lafayette County.  At this time, the best ENAH can do is help you spay/neuter that stray cat.

If you do decide to let ENAH help you spay/neuter a stray cat that you have found, we hope that you will consider becoming its caregiver and releasing it where you found it.  Stray cats can live quite well outside provided they are given food and adequate shelter.  It doesn’t take much time or effort to feed a stray cat once it has been altered so that it can’t reproduce anymore.  You would be doing the cat a huge favor if you will take the time to call ENAH and get it spayed/neutered.  This is called TNR (trap, neuter, return).  You would also be helping cut down the cat overpopulation problem in Lafayette County.