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Green County

Stray Animals found in Green County, GCHS Policy

Below is the Green County Humane Society’s policy for stray animals, published here on 04/12/11:

GCHS accepts stray and abandoned animals based on the capacity of the shelter. Notification to pick up stray and abandoned animals must come from local and county law enforcement agencies; animals will only be accepted from the public after persons have notified the appropriate law enforcement agency. Animals may be picked up by staff during shelter hours or brought in by the public. Animals must be contained/restrained and be able to be handled safely in order for staff to pick up an animal.

GCHS only takes in dogs and cats from Green County, and dogs from Lafayette County (see Lafayette County Stray Animals page for more information on dogs found in Lafayette County). GCHS currently does not accept surrendered, trapped, or feral animals.

What this means:

1.      The police must be contacted when you find a stray animal. If you are within the city of Monroe, contact the Monroe Police Department. If you are within Green or Lafayette County limits, contact your county’s sheriff department.

2.      The officers will then contact GCHS and inform the staff of the stray.

3.      GCHS will then contact the person reporting the stray to make arrangements for acquiring the animal.

Why this policy is in place:

It is important for the public to know that GCHS is NOT an animal control body. We are not permitted by law to initiate any animal investigation. Staff and Board Members are not authorized to trap, chase down or confiscate any animal.

Please consult your local law enforcement agency for advice on these issues.