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EveryoneNeedsAHome, a 501(c)3 animal welfare organization

Darlington Cat Alert!

On July 31, 2010, we were made aware that there is an individual in Darlington, WI, who is trapping cats and drowning them. We immediately called the Darlington Police Chief who hadn’t heard this and looked into the matter right away. He told us that, unfortunately, there is no specific law protecting feral cats and there was not much the police department could do about it at this time.

Drowning an animal is vicious and cruel. If you live in Darlington and let your cat(s) outside, please think twice!! The only way to ensure that your cat won’t be trapped and drowned is by not letting it outside in the first place!! To find out more about WI Statutes on cruelty to animals, read here (a 32K pdf download of WI Statute 951), or go to the Wisconsin Legislature web page of Statute 951.