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Story Behind The Song

The story behing “He Waits All Day For Freedom (Spike’s Song)”

The following is from the CD jacket:

The animals I sing about in this song are real.  The first verse is about Spike, an abandoned, starving pit bull that came into my life a few years ago.  He had a terrible case of mange and was too weak to do anything but put his head in my lap.  It took 4 long months to nurse him back to health.  I’ll never know what happened to him to bring him to such unfortunate circumstances.  He broke my heart.  The words of the song came to me as I watched him wait at the kennel gate, his eyes on my every move as I worked, just waiting for me.

The second verse is about Gracie, a tiny kitten that was turned in to the local shelter, the Green County Humane Society.  I fostered her and her siblings.  When I first saw them, they were in such bad shape I couldn’t understand why they were still alive.  My vet and I did everything we could think of to save them all, but we watched helplessly as all the little boys in the litter succumbed from the effects of starvation and illness.

The third verse is about old dogs surrendered to shelters that nobody wants anymore. My husband and I adopted one of those dogs.  His name is Smokey.  He might not be able to go on long walks any longer, but I dread the day when I won’t be able to look into his happy, trusting eyes anymore.  It’s sad that more people don’t take a chance on these older animals who still have so much love to give.

The song is a cry for the many millions of dogs and cats languishing in animal shelters around the country.  Did you know that half of them never make it out?

All profits from the sale of this song will go towards animal welfare work such as spaying and neutering, rescue and rehabilitation, shelter support and pet food pantries.  We thank you for supporting spaying and neutering, and for adopting from animal shelters!

I would love to hear from you.  Please email me at mamiller@everyoneneedsahome.org, or write to me at ENAH, 6410 County N, South Wayne, WI, 53587.

Peggy Miller Sheffer, 2010