ENAH, Inc.

EveryoneNeedsAHome, a 501(c)3 animal welfare organization


ENAH would not be here today without the generous and kind-hearted people who have supported us all these years.  Every time we were broke, someone would come along to keep us going.  All money that comes in to ENAH is quickly used for more spay and neuter surgeries, or for the pet food pantry.  ENAH does not incur any administrative expenses (everything is volunteer-driven, and all outside costs such as this website are donated), so one hundred percent (100%) of your donation will go directly towards helping animals.

All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Thank you for your kind and generous support!

Ways to donate:

U.S. Mail. If you prefer snail mail, please send your donation to:

ENAH, Inc.
6410 County N
South Wayne, WI 53587

PayPal. You can donate to ENAH’s Spay/Neuter Project or Pet Food Pantry right from this web site using PayPal.:

If you have a preference on where your money is used, (i.e. spay/neuter, the pet food pantry, or other designation), please indicate that in the note section of PayPal.