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Boxer Transport from NC to MN

by Peggy Miller Sheffer - December 14th, 2009.
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Hi, Peggy here.  Yesterday, my husband Ralph and I ran our first “leg” of a rescue transport that brought many boxers from high-kill shelters in the south to foster homes and no-kill shelters in the north.  Ralph and I drove from Madison, WI to Tomah, WI with 2 other drivers.  I understand that there were 77 drivers in this past weekend’s run.  I will post more information here on the organizations that put together these amazing rescues.

Ralph and I had 4 boxers in our Jeep.  One of them, “Bam Bam”, insisted that he sit on my lap for most of our 90-mile trip.  He had a cone on his head (perhaps he was recently neutered; we don’t know).  I didn’t mind; it was obvious he was starved for attention, so attention I gave him.  Another little guy, “Harrison”, slept right behind our seats the entire trip.  He looked quite young and was in beautiful shape, unlike some of the others.  I imagine the trip took quite a lot out of him because he slept soundly and didn’t make a peep, even when Bam Bam decided to snuggle up to him for the last few miles of our leg.  The other 2 were in crates: “Ozzie” was kind of disagreeable with the other dogs and needed to be separated, and “Timmy” had recently had one of his front legs amputated and needed to be handled carefully.

The boxer that got into my heart and refuses to leave my mind, though, was “Boxie” a female who looked like she had a few hard years on her.  She was no longer young and was covered in ticks and sores (perhaps infections from the ticks).  I was dying to remove the ticks, but didn’t have the appropriate supplies with me and didn’t want to make things worse for the poor dog.  She is on her way to the vet today, so I’m sure they will take care of those things immediately.  I got the feeling that this sweetheart had spent most of her life outside on the end of a chain with very little interaction.  She didn’t show the slightest bit of aggression or fear.  She was so well-behaved and looked right into our eyes.  I think she was hoping for some love, some scratches behind her ears.

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